Signs Trump Will Landslide 2020

17 of 30 above 50. The latest Gallup polling data released this week indicates perhaps the most telling reason. President Trump won 30 states on election night. President Trump’s approval rating on the day he was sworn into office was 45%. For perspective Presidents Obama, Clinton, & Reagan were at 47%, 46%, & 40% finishing up February of the third year. All of them cruised to re-election. Trump’s approval in Gallup is 44% and continues to hover around 50% in Rasmussen where he spent almost the entirety of February. But in Gallup’s most recent survey the key is where his strength is centered. The top 30 states where President Trump’s approval is the highest, mirror the 30 states he carried on election night. With the top 17 of those 30 sitting above 50%, exceeding 60% in more than one. Simply repeating wins in these 30 states insures victory.

16 of 20 below 40. A deeper look reveals room for growth in additional states. On election night Trump lost 20 states (a couple of them by lower margins than Hillary’s closest state losses.) Yet in only 16 of those 20 does his approval rating sit below the 40% threshold. Colorado and Minnesota sit at 39%. New Mexico at 38%. Surely Brad Parscale strategically understands that 7 additional states are within reach. He is likely already on the ground and on the web targeting those pro-jobs, pro-growth, pro-commonsense pockets and developing effective messaging to reach them.

The Complicit Media. The media has already convinced themselves of the impossibility of a Trump re-election similarly to how they were popping corks on the Hillary Presidency in 2016. The inability to react to their free market which continues to give them lower ratings and smaller audiences at every turn seems to point to a delusional run at coverage for 2020 that will be worse—not better—than 2016. And the more they do, the more Trump wins. The President has outpaced all who have come before him in understanding how to actually make the media work for him. And in his term it has simply been to allow them to demonstrate their abject deranged bias, while he uses the power of rallies and Twitter to not just respond, but to direct and redirect the news cycle. They are in a sense his greatest ally—simply because their hatred and bias seem undeterred.

The Corrupt New Guard. One of the most interesting things about Trump’s approval ratings is that they occur largely in the most biased media environment in history. Another item of interest is the lack of clear leadership from the opposing party. In addition, the voices that are the loudest stemming from the Democrats (so much so that they have been universally embraced by every Democratic presidential hopeful to date) are the most out of touch with swing states. The Ocasio-Cortez-Omar-Tlaib nexus is a crossroads to out-of-touch that the Democrats may have long believed but would never be foolish enough to campaign on. Americans do not have $93 trillion dollars to put toward the New Green Deal. Most American cities would welcome 25,000 new jobs and $27 billion in new taxable revenues. Most Americans do not align themselves with dictators, defend groups aligned with terrorism, nor argue that former citizens that have joined terrorist groups be allowed back into America. New scandals have emerged concerning Ocasio-Cortez’ hypocrisy in jet travel and questionable residency in her district. Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib have also both been implicated in questionable use of and laundering of donor money in payments to themselves or their boyfriend. Ocasio-Cortez is also prepping a hit list of democrats she will help primary in 2020 for the extreme offense of listening to their district as opposed to “her” in how they vote in the 2019 Congress.

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