WATCH: Suspect Ends Chase by Breakdancing With Police Guns Drawn

By The Daily Caller. It is truly unclear what exactly was going through a car chase suspect’s mind when police finally caught up with him and in response he began breakdancing.

It all went down in San Fernando Valley when CHP officers were involved in a slow speed car chase—yes, you read that correctly—from Calabasas through southern California to catch an alleged reckless driver who failed to stop when asked to do so by authority, per ABC 7 Chicago on Wednesday. . .

During the pursuit, which never reached faster than 60 mph, the suspect lead cops from the 101 freeway to the 118 East. At one point, he slowed his car down to 20 mph. While he reportedly never made any evasive maneuvers, he refused to pull over as well.

The police chase finally came to an end after officers were able to spin out his car using a PIT maneuver (Pursuit Intervention Technique). (Read more from “Suspect Ends Chase by Breakdancing With Police Guns Drawn” HERE)


Suspect Breakdances at End of California Police Chase

By ABC News. The chase began in Calabasas when California Highway Patrol officers said a reckless driver failed to yield to commands to stop.

The driver led officers on a chase over the 101 Freeway through the San Fernando Valley, north on the 405 Freeway and east onto the 118 Freeway. . .

He got out of the car and complied with officers’ orders, but then at one point began breakdancing.

After the brief show, officers were able to take the man into custody without further incident. (Read more from “Suspect Breakdances at End of California Police Chase” HERE)

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