WATCH: Teen Smashes Egg on Senator’s Head, Gets Punched in the Face

A right-wing Australian senator who made controversial remarks following the terrorist attacks in New Zealand was pelted in the head with an egg and responded by punching the person who threw it in the face.

A 17-year-old boy smacked Sen. Fraser Anning in the head with the egg as he was talking to reporters on Saturday morning in Melbourne. Anning responded by turning around and punching the teenager twice in the face. . .

Anning faced backlash over his response to the New Zealand terrorist attack after he condemned the violence and then went on to make comments that were widely criticized as being blaming the victims of the attack. . .

Following the attack, New Zealand’s leftist government proposed extreme gun control laws, on top of the nation’s already extreme laws, which may now include banning all semi-automatic firearms.

“As soon as New Zealanders hear that someone was legally able to acquire, as I’m advised, those weapons and carry out this event, that will raise enormous questions with our gun laws, and that is why we will respond swiftly,” New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, adding, “our gun laws will change.” (Read more from “WATCH: Teen Smashes Egg on Senator’s Head, Gets Punched in the Face” HERE)

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