A Day at Our Beleaguered Border: Human Smugglers Fire AK-47s at DHS Agents

One under-appreciated aspect of our border influx is not the more frequently covered direct humanitarian crisis, but the myriad more indirect, downstream effects of mass illegal immigration on the sundry denizens of the nation’s border states. One obvious such downstream effect is the metastasis of drug/gang/trafficking ring-induced violence all along the border. Earlier this week, the mayor of besieged Yuma, Arizona saw fit to symbolically declare a “state of emergency” for the town. And on Wednesday, the Phoenix, Arizona local ABC affiliate reported on a harrowing shootout between AK-47-wielding human smugglers and federal Department of Homeland Security agents:

Investigators continued to follow [U.S. citizen Warren] Jose for more than two weeks. Agents going to arrest him followed another vehicle connected to him on I-10 south of the Valley and as it exited the freeway began trying to get away from authorities.

The vehicle took off once the Homeland Security agents tried to get the SUV to pull over, hitting several other cars on the road and causing one agent’s vehicle to crash into a wall, according to court paperwork.

Once the SUV spun out, agents say Jose started firing at agents from the front passenger seat with an AK-47-style assault rifle. Agents returned fire, and in the exchange the SUV’s driver was hit and killed.

ABC further reports that Jose and one other U.S. citizen in the vehicle have been arrested and charged with violating federal human smuggling law. (Read more from “A Day at Our Beleaguered Border: Human Smugglers Fire AK-47s at DHS Agents” HERE)

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