Christian University Reverses Ban on Same-Sex Relationships, Again

The prominent Christian institution Azusa Pacific University (APU) has once again lifted the ban on allowing public same-sex relationships on campus after reversing its previous decision to lift the ban last year.

According to Christianity Today, the school altered the code of student conduct last week to allow “romanticized” same-sex on campus last week. APU provost Mark Stanton said that while the code has been changed, the school’s values as a Christian university have not changed.

“APU is an open-enrollment institution, which does not require students to be Christian to attend, and the handbook conveys our commitment to treating everyone with Christ-like care and civility,” said Stanton. “Our values are unchanged, and the APU community remains unequivocally biblical in our Christian evangelical identity.”

The code of conduct did not expressly discriminate against LGBTQ individuals and endorsed a hardline stance on general biblical morality by prohibiting premarital sex and other sexual improprieties. Despite that, the LGBT student group Brave Commons worked in concert with the student government to have the ban reversed. Both groups demanded more clarity regarding the types of punishments such individuals would face. . .

In November 2018, APU lifted the ban on same-sex relationships only to reverse the decision soon afterward upon several board members criticizing the school for losing its orthodox principles. Some evangelical supporters of the school fear it has lost its Christian identity. (Read more from “Christian University Reverses Ban on Same-Sex Relationships, Again” HERE)

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