Clinicians Quit Transgender Clinic Over Concerns About Controversial Treatments on Kids as Young as 3

By The Blaze. Five former clinicians who worked at the National Health Service’s transgender therapy clinics in England have quit their jobs over ethical concerns and harms caused by controversial treatments prescribed to children as young as 3 years old.

The former staffers told the Times that they believed the Gender Identity Development Service had haphazardly diagnosed children with gender dysphoria and that they felt pressured into prescribing harmful hormone therapy to block the onset of puberty. . .

Each of the unidentified former employees said they were members of a team of clinicians who would determine whether or not to prescribe irreversible and harmful treatments for children.

They also alleged that many of the children diagnosed with gender dysphoria at the clinic were more likely gay kids who were victims of homophobic bullying. . .

At 16, the clinic prescribed a mix of sex hormones to help them develop the physical characteristics that match their preferred gender identity, the former employees told the Times. (Read more from “Clinicians Quit Transgender Clinic Over Concerns About Controversial Treatments on Kids as Young as 3” HERE)


Calls to End Transgender ‘Experiment on Children’

By The Times. The only NHS gender clinic for children is risking a “live experiment” by sending hundreds for life-changing medical intervention without sufficient evidence of its long-term effects, experts have warned.

The Times has spoken to five clinicians who resigned from the service because of concerns over the treatment of vulnerable children who come to the clinic presenting as transgender.

They believe that some gay children struggling with their sexuality are being wrongly diagnosed as “transgender” by the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) clinic.

All five former staff were responsible for deciding which trans-identifying youngsters should be given hormone blockers to halt their sexual development. The vast majority of those who begin blockers go on to irreversible cross-sex hormones once they reach 16. (Read more from “Calls to End Transgender ‘Experiment on Children'” HERE)

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