Guess Why Omar Is Throwing a Tantrum Now

A few weeks ago, President Donald Trump shared a video of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) previous comments on September 11th. Specifically, she said “some people did something,” refusing to say terrorists committed the heinous acts.

Omar was so upset by the tweet that she went to Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey, demanding to know why the social media platform did not delete Trump’s tweet, the New York Post reported. According to Omar, she received death threats following Trump’s tweet.

During the call, Dorsey said outright that Trump’s tweet didn’t violate the social media platform’s standards. Not only that but the April 12th tweet had been shared on other websites outside of Twitter, the Washington Post reported. . .

“During their conversation, [Dorsey] emphasized that death threats, incitement to violence, and hateful conduct are not allowed on Twitter,” the social media company said in a statement. “We’ve significantly invested in technology to proactively surface this type of content and will continue to focus on reducing the burden on the individual being targeted. Our team has also consistently been in touch with Rep. Omar’s office.” . . .

The video President Trump tweeted wasn’t hate speech. It wasn’t controversial. Omar is upset because she was caught refusing to say terrorists committed the attacks on September 11th. Most Americans can agree that terrorists carried out the deadliest attack on American soil. No one in their right mind would be willing to kill thousands of people for no reason other than because they can. (Read more from “Guess Why Omar Is Throwing a Tantrum Now” HERE)

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