Is It Finally the Time? Trump Inches Closer to Openly Defying a Judicial Order.

By Daily Wire. On Monday, Judge Richard Seeborg of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California ruled against President Donald Trump’s “wait-in-Mexico” policy for prospective asylum-seekers arriving at our beleaguered southern border. The Washington Times reports:

A federal judge ordered the Trump administration to stop its new policy of sending asylum-seekers who jumped the border back to Mexico to wait while their cases proceed, ruling Monday that the plan was likely illegal.

Known informally as the “wait-in-Mexico policy,” and officially as the Migrant Protection Protocols, the plan was a major part of the administration’s moves to try to stem the flow of immigrants crossing into the U.S. illegally.

Judge Richard Seeborg, an Obama appointee to the bench, said not only does the policy violate immigration law, but Mexico is so dangerous that making asylum-seekers wait there — even if they’re not from Mexico — is untenable.

It seems like the president has perhaps finally had enough. On Monday, CNN reported that Trump seems to be telegraphing to — if not outright instructing — executive branch subordinates to willfully defy a rogue judicial diktat that contravenes the nation’s protection of its security and sovereignty.

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Judge Blocks Trump Administration Policy of Returning Asylum Seekers to Mexico

By NBC News. A federal judge in California issued an order Monday blocking the Trump administration’s policy of returning some asylum-seekers to Mexico while they wait for a court appearance.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Seeborg’s nationwide ruling will not go into effect until Friday, to give the administration time to appeal.

Outgoing Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen announced the launch of the Migrant Protection Protocols in San Diego, the country’s busiest border crossing, in January. Under the policy, Customs and Border Protection officers and agents have the authority to turn around asylum-seekers crossing in the San Diego and El Paso sectors. Families seeking asylum had previously been allowed to stay in the United States while awaiting their court hearings.

A lawsuit filed on behalf of 11 asylum-seekers from Central America had argued that being sent back across the border could expose them to “undue risk to their lives or freedom.” (Read more from “Judge Blocks Trump Administration Policy of Returning Asylum Seekers to Mexico” HERE)

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