Venezuelan Blackouts Have Left Millions Without Clean Water

Venezuelans are already living in darkness after the country’s electrical system collapsed, but now millions of people, residents of Caracas and other major cities whose water systems are tied to the power grid, are completely without clean water.

The Daily Wire’s Ashe Schow reported Monday that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is now instituting a rationing program for the country’s meager supply of electricity, allowing residents to turn their lights on for only a half hour at a time for the next 30 days.

But the same grid and now-defunct hydro-electric power plant that powers homes in Caracas also powers the country’s water system, and without electricity, local pumping stations simply won’t work, according to Yahoo News. The government is providing some residents with water from pumping trucks, but it’s simply not enough to address Venezuelan’s meager needs.

“[P]eople try to find water wherever they can: from springs, leaky pipes, gutters, government-provided tankers and the little that flows through the Guiare River in Caracas,” Yahoo reports. . .

More comprehensive reports about water shortages from earlier in March reveal that the Guiare River, where many desperate Venezuelans are getting water, is fetid and heavily polluted. The Associated Press reported back in January that Venezuelans who “farm” the river for “treasures” risk life and limb, and that the river serves as a “drain for rainwater from the streets and sewers, along with industrial waste.” (Read more from “Venezuelan Blackouts Have Left Millions Without Clean Water” HERE)

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