Watch: Chaos in Venezuela as Armored Vehicle Plows Into Crowd Amid Uprising

Protests are underway in Venezuela, as citizens took to the streets in response to U.S.-recognized President Juan Guaido calling for an uprising to end Socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro’s regime. But Maduro is fighting back, and footage shows an armored vehicle plowing into a crowd of pro-Guaido supporters.

Guaido posted a video on Twitter shortly before dawn on Tuesday, showing him flanked by armed troops outside the La Carlota airbase in the capital of Caracas. The opposition leader called on Venezuelans and the military to back him in what he called the “final phase” of toppling Maduro, Reuters reported.

Guaido was also joined by his mentor, politician Leopoldo Lopez, who was meant to be under house arrest, according to Newsweek. Lopez tweeted, “I’ve been freed by soldiers following the constitution and President Guaido. I’m at the base. Let’s all mobilize. It’s time to win Freedom.” . . .

Several hundred people also rallied outside Maduro’s palace in support of the dictator. While Maduro did not make a public appearance, he issued a statement saying he had spoken with military leaders who reassured him of their “total loyalty.” Maduro’s second in command told the media that Venezuela was in a state of “absolute calm,” despite the uprising staged by what he referred to as “the coup-mongering, murderous far right.” (Read more from “Watch: Chaos in Venezuela as Armored Vehicle Plows Into Crowd Amid Uprising” HERE)

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