Woman Brings Baby and Gun to Easter Service. Churchgoers Leap Into Action.

On Sunday, a 31-year-old female Navy veteran holding her 10-month-old son and a gun, strode into a San Diego Easter service, climbed on stage, and allegedly pronounced she was going to blow the church up. Churchgoers had a different idea, according to police: they tackled her.

The San Diego Police Department stated that they arrived at the auditorium of the Mount Everest Academy, where the services were being held, within two minutes of being alerted. They identified the woman and it is reported that she was speaking unintelligibly. Police stated that after they examined the gun, they found it was unloaded; the church’s pastor, Benjamin Wisan, stated that the woman had attended services at the church at other times prior to the incident. Police have reportedly been summoned to deal with her at the church before. . .

One post that the suspect allegedly made stated, “The one who came as Jesus was a liar!!! Another word for ‘The Comforter’ is The Advocate! Why would he say that unless he’s the Adversary??? Which means that since we’ve been worshipping him as God and believing everything he said, we’ve all be deceived. But the #greatdeception is even more than that…please read my video descriptions in this and in my other videos too!! I’m not trying to make a name for myself or anything—but this is finally the Truth!!!!!”

David Michael Miller, a military member who was one of the people reportedly subduing the suspect, told ABC 7, “After she started pointing the gun at the baby, one of the older gentlemen grabbed it from her and then me and a couple of other men tackled her. We got the baby away from her. A few minutes after that, the cops came in. She was trying to run away or something so a cop tackled her through a row of chairs. They arrested her and pulled another gun out of her bra.” (Read more from “Woman Brings Baby and Gun to Easter Service. Churchgoers Leap Into Action.” HERE)

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