Author Says Trump Should Be Turned ‘over to the Saudis … Who Got Rid of That Reporter’

On Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO, author Fran Lebowitz stated that although she would like to see President Trump impeached, she would also like to see him handed over to the Saudis:

LEBOWITZ: I change my mind from day to day. I mean, where am I on impeachment? Certainly, he deserves to be impeached. I mean, impeachment is just the beginning of what he deserves. Not even scratching the surface of what he deserves. . .

LEBOWITZ: Whenever, you know, I think about this and what he really deserves, I think, “We should turn him over to the Saudis,” you know? His buddies. The same Saudis who got rid of that reporter, you know? Maybe they can do the same for him.

The reporter mentioned by Lebowitz is Jamal Khashoggi, who, in October 2018, was allegedly murdered by a Saudi “hit team” after entering a consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

Later in the episode, during a panel discussion in which Lebowitz participated, she backtracked on her “Saudi” remarks after the producers allegedly informed her that the show was getting hit on social media[.]

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