Islamists Attack Relief Centers for Violating Ramadan Fast

Armed Islamists stormed a heatstroke center in Pakistan on Thursday and forced them to shut down for allegedly violating fasting hours during the ongoing month of Ramadan, the holiest period for Muslims.

The Islamist assault in the city of Sukkur on Thursday forced a total of five water outlets in the Pakistani province of Sindh to close amid a heatwave, Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper reveals. Citing the social welfare organization known as the Edhi Foundation, Reuters reports that the heat has already killed at least 65 people in Sindh.

The armed Islamists reportedly fired in the air at one of the water outlets in the city of Sukkur in Sindh, prompting operators to flee.

In response, local authorities appear to have capitulated to the armed activists’ demands, advising the facility operators to shut down a total of five heat stroke centers in Sukkur despite the ongoing heatwave. . .

According to Dawn, the Ayub Gate center is one of many facilities set up by the Sukkur Municipal Corporation (SMC) “to provide immediate relief to victims of heatstroke as the maximum temperatures in certain upper Sindh areas in recent days remained between 40 [104 Fahrenheit] and 47 [117 Fahrenheit] degrees Celsius.” (Read more from “Islamists Attack Relief Centers for Violating Ramadan Fast” HERE)

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