Trump Administration Slaps Away Another Subpoena

By Townhall. The Trump administration isn’t backing down from their war with House Democrats. We all saw this coming miles away. The Trump administration partially based on the fact that this was a crew that was going to fight for the forgotten American and they have. The House Democratic majority was elected in 2018 to fight the Trump agenda. There is no room for cooperation. There is no room for compromise. In other words, it’s what I love about our political system: conflict. Gridlock is a good thing. Division and partisanship is a good thing, and the more of it, the more honest we can be. Democrats and Republicans are different. We’re on separate wavelengths, especially when it comes to values. For example, I’m grateful my party doesn’t aggressively promote infanticide as we’ve seen over the past few months. Yet, that’s a separate issue.

Once again, the Trump administration told House Democrats to go pound sand over the latest subpoena concerning the president’s taxes. Democrats want six years worth of returns, including those related to the president’s businesses. Why? It’s part of their impeachment crusade. It’s a political stunt, which is why the Trump White House told them to go shove it… again[.] (Read more from “Trump Administration Slaps Away Another Subpoena” HERE)


Treasury Dept. Refuses to Comply with Democrats’ Subpoenas for Trump Tax Returns, Court Fight Likely

By NBC News. The Treasury Department said Friday that it would not comply with congressional subpoenas to provide six years of President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin sent a letter to House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass, before the 5 p.m. ET deadline to hand over the documents. Mnuchin said that, on advice of the Justice Department, Treasury had determined that the committee’s request “lacks a legitimate legislative purpose,” and so the department is not “authorized to disclose the requested returns.”

“For the same reasons, we are unable to provide the requested information in response to the Committee’s subpoena,” Mnuchin said.

Neal responded Friday saying that the law provides “clear statutory authority” for him to request and received access to tax returns and return information.

“The law, by its terms, does not allow for discretion as to whether to comply with a request for tax returns and return information,” he wrote. “Given the Treasury Secretary’s failure to comply today, I am consulting with counsel on how best to enforce the subpoenas moving forward.” (Read more from “Treasury Dept. Refuses to Comply with Democrats’ Subpoenas for Trump Tax Returns, Court Fight Likely” HERE)

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