Want to See Bill and Hillary Clinton on Tour? Grab Your Couch Change

By The Blaze. The disastrous “An Evening With The Clintons” tour is coming mercifully to its end, and if you want to be there for the final moments, it won’t cost you much. Ticket prices have been slashed, slashed, and slashed again.

The tour is wrapping up over the weekend, and Sunday night’s final show at the MGM isn’t even sold out yet. Tickets for the weekend’s shows were going for prices so low you would probably pay more for an uber to the venue or the parking outside than the entry fee to hear Bill and Hillary talk. . .

On Saturday, the Daily Wire found StubHub prices at an amazing $6 for the LA show. And the DailyMail found them for TWO DOLLARS. . .

This isn’t a late-breaking development. Prices began to drop off a cliff at the end of last year. The tour took a break for the winter, but coming back didn’t rescue flagging sales.

Last week in D.C., they threw in a video of Hillary Clinton reading from the Mueller report, but over most of the tour they haven’t talked much Trump–perhaps a contributing factor in the lack of interest. In Seattle on Friday, Hillary opened the show by saying America is in a “constitutional crisis.” (Read more from “Want to See Bill and Hillary Clinton on Tour? Grab Your Couch Change” HERE)


Ticket Prices to See Clintons Plummet

By The Daily Caller. The former president and first lady are on the speaking circuit but the cost of seeing the pair pontificate on politics and current affairs is dropping as the tour progresses. Tickets can be had for as little as $20 while the VIP seating at Seattle’s WaMu Theatre was priced at $829 — down from the $1,785 asking price when the tour began last November, the Seattle Times reported. . .

Tour organizers have cut prices and reached out to Groupon to sell tickets, according to the New York Post.

The Clintons faced an overwhelmingly positive audience in Seattle, according to a Times reviewer. Hillary Clinton, who spent much of 2017 on an international speaking tour to promote her book “What Happened” stuck to a political patter that is heavily critical of President Donald Trump. (Read more from “Ticket Prices to See Clintons Plummet” HERE)

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