2020 Dem Compares Border Security to Holocaust

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) appeared to suggest over the weekend that spending money on border security was like rejecting Jewish refugees during the Holocaust.

Booker made the comments in Iowa while appearing on the Political Party Live podcast on Saturday where he spoke on a wide variety of issues.

“Do you know how much billions of dollars we’ve done to increase the numbers of Customs and Border Patrol agents, of people involved in immigration…” Booker began.

Booker continued by saying that it was important to know history and that President Donald Trump was trying to make people afraid of people coming across the southern border who have “brown skin.”

“As much as he wants to make us afraid of people trying to come here escaping terror, not remembering like when we turned around other immigrants trying to escape terror,” Booker continued. “There was a ship that came here during World War II with a bunch of folks trying to escape the Holocaust and we turned it around where they got killed in the Holocaust.” (Read more from “2020 Dem Compares Border Security to Holocaust” HERE)

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