Eric Swalwell’s Race-Baiting: ‘If You’re Hispanic,’ Trump Will ‘Cage Your Children’

Political attacks seem to get coarser and coarser, but 2020 Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) seemed to redefine disgusting race-baiting rhetoric over the weekend. On Saturday, he warned all Hispanic Americans that President Donald Trump would break up their families, put their children in cages, and “erase” their existence in the census.

“If you’re Hispanic, there’s nothing [Donald Trump] wont do to break up your family, cage your children, or erase your existence with a weaponized census. And there’s nothing we won’t do in the streets, courts, and at the ballot box to stop him,” Swalwell tweeted.

In this one tweet, Swalwell repeated the blatant lie about “kids in cages,” and used race-baiting in a ridiculous attempt to demonize Trump and gain support for his longshot presidential bid. He also seemingly insulted all Hispanic Americans — by suggesting that none of them are legal inhabitants of this country. Perhaps he should meet prominent Republican Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), former presidential candidates who are themselves Hispanic and legal citizens who oppose illegal immigration. . .

As for “kids in cages,” this frequently repeated Democrat smear comes from a viral photo of a child in a cage. That photo did not come from Trump’s immigration policy, but rather from an orchestrated protest against the Trump administration. Other photos came from 2014, during the Obama administration.

Last May, Trump tweeted, “Democrats mistakenly tweet 2014 pictures from Obama’s term showing children from the Border in steel cages. They thought it was recent pictures in order to make us look bad, but backfires. Dems must agree to Wall and new Border Protection for good of country…Bipartisan Bill!” PolitiFact rated his statement “True.” (Read more from “Eric Swalwell’s Race-Baiting: ‘If You’re Hispanic,’ Trump Will ‘Cage Your Children'” HERE)

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