Expert Who Correctly Predicted Last 9 Presidential Elections Says There Is Only One Way Trump Could Lose 2020

By The Blaze. Professor Allan Lichtman, an American historian who correctly predicted the previous nine presidential elections, says President Donald Trump is heading to almost certain victory in 2020 — and there is only one possible roadblock to his second term. . .

Lichtman said on CNN that Trump’s only re-election roadblock will come if “Democrats grow a spine and do their Constitutional duty, and move into an impeachment inquiry.

“It’s a false dichotomy to say Democrats have a choice between doing what is right and what is constitutional and what is politically right,” Lichtman explained. “Impeachment is also politically right.”

Lichtman went on to debunk the idea that impeachment would backfire against Democrats, explaining the road to George W. Bush’s presidency — a major Republican victory — was paved by Republicans pursuing impeachment against Bill Clinton. . .

Politico reported last month that multiple election prediction models and election experts believe that if the election were held today, Trump would likely win in a “landslide” victory. The experts and their models analyze the economy and other factors — not political polls. (Read more from “Expert Who Correctly Predicted Last 9 Presidential Elections Says There Is Only One Way Trump Could Lose 2020” HERE)


Donald Trump Earns Presidential Image Through Successful Policy

By The Hill. Some politicians affect a certain style to distract voters from their lack of substance. Conversely, President Trump relies on substance to remind the American people what matters most of all, which is results. In a Gallup poll two years ago, only about a third of the country felt Trump had the personality and leadership qualities that a president should have.

According to a recent Gallup poll, that view is now held by 40 percent of Americans. with Republicans, Democrats, and independents all reporting a higher assessment of his leadership qualities. Incredibly, the percentage of Democrats who say Trump meets their presidential expectations has more than doubled since 2017, increasing from 6 percent to 13 percent. Even among Republicans, who have always had a high opinion of Trump ever since he entered office, his ratings are up by seven points.

The findings also shed light on the reason that Americans are so much more likely to view Trump as presidential today than they were two years ago, which is that he is winning people over with his successful policy agenda. According to the same Gallup poll, 47 percent of Americans now say they agree with Trump on the issues that matter most to them, a significant increase from the 39 percent who said the same thing two years. In contrast, only 45 percent of respondents agreed with President Obama on the important issues at the same point in his first term. (Read more from “Donald Trump Earns Presidential Image Through Successful Policy” HERE)

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