Illegal Aliens Sue Border Patrol; Congress Shirks Its Duty at the Southern Border

By Townhall. The crisis along America’s southern border has continued to exasperate Border Patrol agents in the field and President Donald Trump, who is attempting to put an end to the flood of illegal aliens. Seven illegal aliens from Central American countries are suing the Department of Homeland Security because of overcrowding in Border Patrol facilities and the lack of access to legal representation, The Monitor reported. . .

According to the lawsuit, the illegal aliens want themselves, as well as others in the facilities, to be released on bond.

“Petitioners were apprehended in mid-May at or near the U.S. Border with Mexico and subsequently detained. Once apprehended, such persons are often detained for extended periods of time — on information and belief, up to six weeks — in overcrowded holding cells, with inadequate food, water, and sanitation facilities, where attorneys are not allowed to visit. The conditions in these holding cells are dangerous and inhumane,” the lawsuit stated.

The number of illegal aliens flocking to the United States’ southern border has overwhelmed Border Patrol resources. Instead of seeking asylum, like they have long touted, illegal aliens, primarily from Central America, now look for a Border Patrol agent, say they want to see an immigration judge and turn themselves in. They do this because they know of catch-and-release. They know the number of people flocking to the southern border has overwhelmed America’s immigration system. Border Patrol agents are having to leave the actual border to help process those who have simply walked across the border. (Read more from “Illegal Aliens Sue Border Patrol” HERE)


Congress Shirks Its Duty at the Southern Border

By Washington Examiner. The Trump administration is doing just about everything it can to slow the flood of undocumented Mexicans and Central Americans coming to the U.S. and claiming asylum. But alleviating our growing border crisis is impossible unless Congress changes our immigration laws.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, was right when he said Tuesday during a congressional hearing on border security that there is “absolutely no justification whatsoever for Congress to sit on the sidelines and watch as this crisis continues to unfold.” The emergency on the border is “getting worse and worse as Congress sits on its hands and does absolutely nothing” to help.

The border pandemonium is literally fatal. Since December, six migrants have died while in the custody of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Five were children. This isn’t the fault of the Trump administration’s policies that aim to stanch the stream of illegal immigrants. It’s the result of a border patrol collapsing under the weight of hundreds of thousands of migrants making a dangerous and debilitating journey to the U.S. and needing urgent medical care as soon as they arrive. (Read more from “Congress Shirks Its Duty at the Southern Border” HERE)

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