Oh, so That’s Who the Liberal Media Thinks Will Indict Trump as AG

. . .The Trump impeachment/Trump is out of office dream scenarios that this “facts first” network tossed in there last week. The brave, brave souls at Newsbusters are tasked with covering the daily insanity that has ensued since the 2016 election. On June 8th’s episode of Trump Derangement Theater, CNN speculated that a new president would indict Trump in 2021 under…Attorney General Sally Yates. Tim Graham has more on CNN Host Brooke Baldwin’s venture into fantasyland:

CNN’s Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin… asked legal analyst Renato Mariotti to explain an article he wrote for Politico magazine gleefully exploring “How Trump Could Be Prosecuted After the White House,” arguing that “winning the election might be Trump’s best path to avoid being charged with a felony.” . . .

BALDWIN: So, Renato, if we take Speaker Pelosi at her word, it assumes, number one, that he doesn’t get reelected in 2020, and, number two, that a prosecutor would indict him on the evidence in the Mueller report or perhaps other ongoing investigations. And so you wrote this piece in Politico about what that could look like. How might this play out?

MARIOTTI: Well, what I would expect is a Democratic president, if — I assume he or she would leave that to the attorney general. There’s a pretty broad consensus amongst federal prosecutors, former federal prosecutors that you have highly prosecutable evidence in the Mueller report of obstruction of justice.

Sally Yates, for example, who might be the next attorney general, said publicly that she thought Trump would be indicted if he was not president. So what I would expect is an indictment, at least a three- count indictment for obstruction of justice for Trump trying to fire Mueller, trying to limit the scope of the investigation, and then trying to get the former White House counsel to create a false record.

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