READ IT: Court Releases Graphic Text Messages in Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Case

According to Fox News, an unidentified young man who alleges that Kevin Spacey groped him repeatedly in a bar several years ago revealed to the court several text messages between him and his girlfriend on the night the alleged incident took place. Throughout the exchange, the accuser explicitly tells his girlfriend that Spacey grabbed his private area multiple times. Transcript below:

Accuser: “Like he’s hangin around me in the bar. He got my nuumber and asked me to come out with him”

. . .

Accuser: “Jesus Christ he reached down my pants” “Help” “No this is Kevin ducking spacey” “He’s gay” “Hes buying me yet another drink” “Help me” “He’s gotten me so many” “I’m drunk” “Help” “Molly” “He grabbed my d—” “Keving spacey is gay” “Check snap” “seriously help” “I’m gonna get he pic” “I got the autographs and a hell of a stout” “Story” “Help me”

. . .”Spacey’s defense wants the accuser’s iPhone, contending that portions of the text exchange were deleted to create a one-sided version of events on the night in question,” reports Fox News. “The defense has sought to conduct a forensic extraction of data and claimed the entire exchange would clear Spacey of charges. They said it would show the interactions between the actor and the then-18-year-old accuser were nothing more than consensual flirting.”

The young man’s attorney, Mitchell Garabedian, told the court that his client’s cellphone used that night could not be found. The judge has now ordered his phone be turned over to the defense team by July 8. (Read more from “READ IT: Court Releases Graphic Text Messages in Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Case” HERE)

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