Trump Ends Use of Aborted Fetal Tissue

The Trump administration said Wednesday that it is ending medical research by government scientists that uses human fetal tissue.

The Health and Human Services Department said in a statement that government-funded research by universities that involves fetal tissue can continue for now, subject to additional scrutiny — although it also ended one major university project that used the tissue to test HIV treatments. That school — University of California, San Francisco — called the decision “politically motivated.” . . .

Ending the use of fetal tissue by the National Institutes of Health has been a priority for [pro-lie] activists, a core element of President Donald Trump’s political base. A senior administration official said it was the president’s call. The official wasn’t authorized to publicly discuss internal deliberations and spoke on condition of anonymity. . .

Last year, the administration announced a review of whether taxpayer dollars were being properly spent on fetal tissue research. As a result, NIH froze procurement of new tissue. On Wednesday, the administration also said it is not renewing an expiring contract with the University of California, San Francisco, that used fetal tissue to create a human-like immune system in mice for HIV research.

University Chancellor Sam Hawgood said in a statement that the Trump administration action ended a 30-year partnership with NIH. “UCSF exercised appropriate oversight and complied with all state and federal laws,” said Hawgood. “We believe this decision to be politically motivated, shortsighted and not based on sound science.” (Read more from “Trump Ends Use of Aborted Fetal Tissue” HERE)

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