Watch: 2020 Dem Makes a Disgusting Argument for ‘Paying for Abortions’

Abortion rights advocates are furious with former Vice President Joe Biden for flip flopping on the Hyde Amendment, which bans taxpayer funding of abortions. At the beginning of May, he told an ACLU activist that yes, he would abolish the law. But on Tuesday he said he actually still supports it.

That opinion doesn’t fit in with the progressive wing of the party, so fellow presidential candidates like Seth Moulton are wishing Biden “would change his position.”

“I think it’s wrong,” Moulton said during a CNN interview on Thursday. “It disproportionately attacks women who don’t have the private means to afford an abortion.”

He then made an interesting – no, egregious – comparison.

“It’s sort of like saying, ‘I support the troops, but I don’t want to pay them.'”

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