Epstein’s Madam, Ghislaine Maxwell Found; Witness Saw ‘Sexual’ Pic of Bill Clinton in Blue Dress in Epstein’s Mansion

Ghislaine Maxwell Found in Massachusetts

By Bridget Read. Maxwell, a former fixture in elite social circles, hasn’t been seen publicly in three years, adding to media speculation that she could be living abroad. The Daily Mail reports that, finally, she’s been located, in the Massachusetts seaside town of Manchester-by-the-Sea. She is supposedly living with her boyfriend, Scott Borgerson, 43, a tech CEO who owns a company called Cargometrics, described as “an investment management firm that specializes in analyzing data on global shipping.”

With Epstein no longer alive to face charges, attention has turned even more urgently to Maxwell, and to Epstein’s other employees who victims say helped facilitate his crimes. Maxwell, a former girlfriend of Epstein’s, has been accused by several of Epstein’s victims of enabling him to meet with underage girls for sex in what amounted to a trafficking ring. She has also been accused of threatening victims with measures like withholding passports and phones. On Wednesday, one of Epstein’s alleged victims became the first to sue Epstein’s estate and his accomplices — presumably including Maxwell — under New York’s brand-new Child Victim’s Act. (Read more about Ghislaine Maxwell found HERE)


Portrait of Bill Clinton in a Blue Dress Spotted in Epstein’s Mansion

By ISOLDE WALTERS and CHEYENNE ROUNDTREE. The picture depicting the former president apparently lounging on a chair in the Oval Office, wearing red heels and posing suggestively in a blue dress redolent of Monica Lewinsky was in a room off the stairway of the Upper East Side townhouse. . .

The painting was secretly snapped inside the pedophile’s lavish $56 million home in October 2012, four years after Epstein completed his sweetheart deal for prostitution of a minor and seven years before he was accused of running a sex trafficking ring of underage girls.

The source, who asked to remain anonymous, was visiting Epstein to present a business proposal – an encounter with the pervert which included spotting a girl who seemed to be 14 waiting to see the financier.

The woman said she was shocked to catch sight of the portrait through an open door as she walked through the ornate home with her business partner.

She told DailyMailTV: ‘It was absolutely Bill Clinton. It was shocking – it was definitely a painting of him. It was a very provocative, sexual picture. He was wearing heels, a blue dress and his hand was in a weird position. (Read more from this story HERE)


Mystery of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Whereabouts Deepens as Jeffrey Epstein Accusers Eye His Alleged Madam

By CNBC. The mystery over Ghislaine Maxwell’s whereabouts deepened Wednesday on a report that the alleged madam for Jeffrey Epstein, an accused child sex trafficker, was holed up in a Massachusetts mansion, as an Epstein accuser filed suit against Maxwell.

Hours after The Daily Mail reported that Maxwell was living in tech-firm CEO Scott Borgerson’s mansion in Manchester-by-the-Sea, NBC News reported that a property manager of an adjacent parcel of land said that Maxwell was living at Borgerson’s residence as recently as two weeks ago.

Borgenson told NBC, however, “she is not at my home.” He admitted knowing Maxwell.

The speculation over Maxwell came as prosecutors and Epstein’s accusers set their sights on her, and on the heels of Epstein’s apparent suicide in jail last Saturday.

Before Wednesday’s reports, the most recent indication of Maxwell’s location was in 2017, when her civil lawyers reportedly told a judge she was living in London, but without a firm address there. (Read more from “Mystery of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Whereabouts Deepens as Jeffrey Epstein Accusers Eye His Alleged Madam” HERE)

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