Despicable: Guess Who Slithered into the VA State Senate After a Teen Sex Scandal?

Well, Virginia is now a blue state. We’re no better than Maryland trash and the rest of the northeast and a parade of horribles is set to befall the state. It’s really a sad joke. Any Republican would’ve been forced from office concerning the scandals that have rocked Richmond. The lieutenant governor was slapped with multiple allegations of rape and the attorney general and governor—all Democrats—engaged in blackface during their youth. Blackface, folks. And yet, the Democrats were rewarded last night. For the first time in two decades, the Democrats will control all aspects of political power in the Old Dominion. And while we can focus on the blackface and (alleged) rape escapades that engulfed Richmond for a hot second, let’s not forget that a politician who was jailed for a teen sex scandal is now back, garnering 60 percent of the vote. Yes, it’s Joe Morrissey, who had a sexual relationship with his then-17-year-old secretary when he served as a House delegate (via WJLA):

A former Virginia lawmaker who made headlines after being accused of having sex with his teenage secretary has won a Senate seat.

Democrat Joe Morrissey won the senate seat for the 16th District in Tuesday night’s election.

He faced off against Independent Waylin Ross and got more than 60 percent of the votes.

Morrissey was jailed four years ago after the sex scandal involving his secretary, who Morrissey later married. The couple now has three children.

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