Airplane Injures Dozens After Dumping Fuel on School in Emergency Landing

A Delta flight was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after taking off from Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday and upon returning to the airport apparently dumped jet fuel which hit over two dozen people at an elementary school. . .

“70 firefighters and paramedics on-scene and committed to providing care for those injured. FFs working to confirm substance dropped by aircraft, although initial reports stated smell of jet fuel in area,” The Los Angeles County Fire Department tweeted. “17 children and 6 adults (23 patients total) all complaining of minor injuries being triaged by LACoFD Paramedics and Firefighters.” . . .

The Los Angeles Police Department noted that three schools were sprayed with the fuel, including Park Avenue Elementary, Jordan High School, and 93rd Street Elementary.

The Federal Aviation Administration responded the incident by issuing the following statement: “Delta Air Lines Flight 89 declared an emergency after departing from LAX, returned to the airport and landed without incident. The FAA is aware of and looking into reports that children at a school east of LAX are being treated for fuel exposure.”

The Los Angeles County Fire Department later tweeted: “The All minor injuries w/ no transports to local hospital from school. There are no evacuation orders for the immediate area. Substance was confirmed JET FUEL. Refer to school regarding plans for child pick-up.” (Read more from “Airplane Injures Dozens After Dumping Fuel on School in Emergency Landing” HERE)

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