Illegal Alien Muslim Religious Leader Charged With Sex Crimes Against Children; Deportation Order Not Followed (VIDEO)

A Muslim community leader has been charged with child molestation in Fort Bend County, Texas, and police are angry that he could have been deported before the alleged crimes took place.

59-year-old Mohamed Omar Ali is a native of Somalia but he has been teaching as an Islamic leader in the United States since he entered the country in 2013.

He was arrested on Friday and charged with 3 counts of indecency with a child and one count of sexual assault of a child under the age of fourteen. . .

Sheriff Troy Nehls said in a press conference that Ali should have been deported years ago.

“If there is a deportation order on him, why wasn’t he placed into custody months ago or maybe even years ago?” Nehls asked angrily. “Because he came into Fort Bend County in 2013.” (Read more from “Muslim Religious Leader Charged With Sex Crimes Against Children” HERE)

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