WATCH: Liberal Law Professor Noted Something Odd About Schumer’s Trump Impeachment Speech

By Townhall. . .It’s weak sauce, but the Russian collusion narrative was kaput, bullet-riddled by the facts. The 2020 election is here, so this was their best case. The House passed the articles of impeachment which were grounded in abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, two charges that reek of partisanship. It’s a witch hunt. It’s a joke. And the Senate awaits the transmission of those articles, which are being held hostage by Speaker Nancy Pelosi because they know it faces certain death with the Republican majority in the upper chamber. That’s not her call and her withholding of the articles creates a possible constitutional crisis of its own. Senate Democrats say they want witnesses and new documents included. They know Senate Republicans won’t budge, so this Mexican standoff continues all while Democrats and the liberal media can keep the Trump impeachment echo chamber loaded with sound. They still think they can put a dent in Trump’s approval numbers. They’ve only gone up and swing-state voters have never found this push popular. Still, the goal, as Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel noted, is “rolling impeachment.” Just keep this story around in the news cycle. A trial would further embarrass the shoddy case the Left has against Trump. It’s about keeping the appearance alive. Schumer now says that there has never been an impeachment trial where the Senate was denied testimony from witnesses.

Law professor Jonathan Turley, who may lean Left but isn’t an ideologue and will call out his side for their antics, noted that this was odd coming from a politician who didn’t want witnesses when Bill Clinton was impeached.

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Impeachment Trial in Limbo as Senate Leaders Trade Blows

By Politico. Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer have made zero headway on designing a bipartisan set of rules for President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial more than two weeks after their first face-to-face meeting on the matter.

The two leaders gave dueling floor speeches on Friday but held no substantive meeting. In a brief conversation on the floor, Schumer told McConnell to focus on his demands. . .

As the Senate waits for the House to send it impeachment articles, McConnell said the Senate will continue its normal business and immediately moved to set up a vote on Trump’s Small Business Administration nominee next week. The House could transmit the articles as soon as next week.

“We are content to continue the ordinary business of the Senate while House Democrats continue to flounder. For now,” McConnell said. “If they ever muster the courage to stand behind their slapdash work product and transmit their articles to the Senate, it will then be time for the United States Senate to fulfill our founding purpose.” (Read more from “Impeachment Trial in Limbo as Senate Leaders Trade Blows” HERE)

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