School Removes Christian Mural Following Pressure from Hard-Left, Atheist Group

The left’s crusade against Christianity has hit a new low: a mural invoking God and faith in a high school locker room has been covered in response to pressure from atheist, Freedom From Religion Foundation Foundation (FFRF) activists.

The mural at Letcher Central High School featured Jeremiah 20:11 – “But the Lord is with me like a mighty warrior” – and was positioned above athletes’ lockers.

After a letter from the notoriously left-wing, atheist activist group FFRF describing the display as “unconstitutional”, claiming it violates the “basic constitutional prohibition by creating the appearance that the District prefers religion over nonreligion and Christianity over all faiths,” the mural was erased. . .

While the FFRF letter was sent November 4th 2019, Letcher County superintendent Denise Yonts responded in late February, acquiescing to the foundation’s request by agreeing to remove not just the locker room mural but a bulletin board message proclaiming “Jesus is my savior. You can’t scare me!” and a Facebook post sharing a prayer for children at the beginning of the school year:

“Dear God, Thank you for the gift of education in every form. As our children prepare to start a new year may confidence be their foundation, may grace be their guide and may hope be their compass toward a bright future. I pray they would have eyes to see the needs of those around them and a heart to love well. May they face each day with positivity knowing that no matter what comes their way, they do not have to face it alone. Amen.”

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