Trump Backers Prepare to Attack Biden for Playing the ‘Catholic Card’

Trump backers are preparing to push back against Joe Biden’s outreach to Catholics as the former vice president emerges as the near-certain Democratic presidential nominee.

Biden has long faced criticism from Republicans for touting his Catholic faith, the teachings of which often conflict with his political positions, particularly on abortion.

“Catholic voters in particular are not simply voting for the name, a person who claims to be Catholic, but whether their record and vision for the country coincides with their values,” said Brian Burch, president of, pointing out that, while Biden polls well with nonpracticing Catholics, abortion is often an uncrossable line for those who consider themselves active members of the church.

Catholic bishops and priests have also criticized Biden on abortion. During Biden’s 2008 presidential bid, Scranton Bishop Joseph Martino denounced Biden’s position on abortion and said that he would deny the then-senator communion. In 2019, Robert Morey, a priest in South Carolina, did refuse Biden communion and later said that he did so because “any public figure who advocates for abortion places himself or herself outside of Church teaching.” . . .

But, as the campaign for the general election begins, affiliates of the Trump campaign coalition Catholics for Trump, which, if not for the coronavirus would have launched this week, said that the accusations that Biden is unfit to receive communion because of his positions on abortion will likely only increase. (Read more from “Trump Backers Prepare to Attack Biden for Playing the ‘Catholic Card'” HERE)

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