Quirky Alaska Tourist Town Struggles for Survival Amid Virus

. . .It’s almost “ghost town-esque,” said Fernando Salvador, a hotel manager in Talkeetna, which lies about halfway between Anchorage and Denali National Park.

By late May, Main Street should be jammed with meandering tourists slurping ice cream cones and stopping at gift shops alongside original cabins built in this community of about 800. But the coronavirus has upended everything.

Communities across Alaska are feeling the financial squeeze, from cruise ship ports where major lines have canceled summer sailings, to Talkeetna, which bills itself as the Gateway to Denali and where the ship passengers arrive on buses for inland excursions. Nearly half of the state’s 2.2. million annual visitors usually arrive on those vessels. (Read more from “Quirky Alaska Tourist Town Struggles for Survival Amid Virus” HERE)

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