Homeschool Enrollment Booms Throughout the U.S.

As local school districts across the country struggle to develop reopening plans in the face of uncertainty about a possible resurgence of COVID-19 and teachers’ unions that are in many cases holding districts hostage with laundry lists of insane leftist demands, many parents are responding by pulling their children out of public schools altogether in favor of homeschooling.

In Texas, the Texas Homeschool Coalition says they have been “flooded” with calls from parents who have been dissatisfied with the distance learning they received from their public school system during the spring shutdowns, and have decided to pull their kids out of public school entirely and homeschool them. After the Texas Education Agency announced that schools in Texas will be permitted to use online-only learning for at least the first 8 weeks, the Texas Homeschool Coalition estimated that their average weekly number of contacts from interested parents doubled.

Texas is not alone. Nebraska’s homeschool filings have jumped 21% over last year already, and many educators predict that the number will grow even higher in the cornhusker state. A recent poll also revealed that 40% of parents are more likely to consider homeschooling their children this year due to concerns about school reopening plans amidst the coronavirus pandemic. (Read more from “Homeschool Enrollment Booms Throughout the U.S.” HERE)

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