Alaska AG Resigns After Sending 558 Messages to Young Female Employee

By The Hill. Alaska Attorney General Kevin Clarkson (R) has resigned from his post after allegedly sending 558 “uncomfortable” text messages to a younger female colleague earlier this year.

In his letter of resignation to Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy (R) obtained by The Hill, Clarkson said that it was an honor to serve the state, noting that he was “deeply moved” when the governor appointed him.

“I regret that my actions and errors in judgment in interacting with a state employee have become a distraction to the good work and good people working in the state’s and your service,” he wrote.

Records obtained by the Anchorage Daily News and ProPublica show Clarkson sending the female employee hundreds of text messages at all hours during a 27-day span, including late at night, usually punctuated with suggestive emojis such as a kiss face.

The former state attorney general claimed in his resignation letter that he did not supervise the female colleague, adding that he believed that the feelings he messaged her about were “reciprocal” and “mutual.” (Read more from “Alaska AG Resigns After Sending 558 Messages to Junior Employee” HERE)


Alaska AG Resigns After Sending Junior State Employee Inappropriate Text Messages

By NBC News. Alaska Attorney General Kevin Clarkson resigned Tuesday after he admitted to repeatedly sending inappropriate text messages to a junior state employee, the governor announced in a statement.

“Kevin Clarkson has admitted to conduct in the workplace that did not live up to our high expectations, and this is deeply disappointing,” Gov. Mike Dunleavy, who appointed Clarkson to the role, said. “This morning he took responsibility for the unintentional consequences of his actions and tendered his resignation to me. I have accepted it.” . . .

In messages sent in March, Clarkson referred to the junior employee as “sweet lady,” asking her to come over to his home, and telling her she was “beautiful.” He often used the kiss emoji.

“Haven’t seen you in awhile, so you owe me a number of hugs,” Clarkson texted her March 26, according to ProPublica and the Anchorage Daily News. The attorney general was not the woman’s supervisor, but their jobs required them to interact.

On April 4, the unnamed woman told Clarkson to “please remember this is my personal phone,” and asked him to respect professional boundaries, according to the report. (Read more from “Alaska AG Resigns After Sending Junior State Employee Inappropriate Text Messages” HERE)


Alaska Attorney General Quits After Texts With Woman Surface

By Seattle Times. . .In his resignation letter, Clarkson confirmed the text conversations were with a state employee who didn’t work for the Department of Law and whom he did not supervise.

They discussed food, movies, books and even attempts by Clarkson’s wife to get a visa for her son to leave Colombia. Dunleavy had previously written to President Donald Trump asking if he could help clear immigration challenges so Clarkson’s wife and stepson could join him in Alaska.

Clarkson said he and the woman also exchanged pictures of children and grandchildren, and he sent her pictures of food he prepared. (Read more from “Alaska Attorney General Quits After Texts With Woman Surface” HERE)

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