Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Secret Girlfriend Revealed; What the Silence Over Bill’s Visits to Epstein’s Pedophile Island Tells Us About the Media

By New York Post. Jeffrey Epstein’s secret girlfriend was a children’s book author nicknamed “Chocolate Sauce” who touts herself as a “spiritual entrepreneur” — and runs a “sacred space” in the Big Apple, according to a report.

News of a previously unknown girlfriend first emerged in the latest trove of unsealed court documents, in which Ghislaine Maxwell was shown to have begged Epstein to get “Shelley” to publicly announce in the 2000s that she — not Maxwell — was the pedophile’s ex.

Now she has been identified as British-born author Shelley Anne Lewis, 43, who was a frequent traveler on Epstein’s private jet, including trips to his so-called “Pedo Island,” according to the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

“Shelley was always very well connected and beautiful. I am shocked and saddened,” a former colleague told the UK paper of her apparent romantic ties to the notorious late pedophile. . .

She would have been 22 when she is said to have started dating Epstein in 1999, when he was 46, meeting while she worked in the contemporary art department of Christie’s auction house in New York. (Read more from “Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Secret Girlfriend Revealed” HERE)


What the Silence Over Bill’s Alleged Visit to Epstein’s Pedophile Island Tells Us About the Media

By Townhall. . .Of course, the Clinton camp denies the former president was ever there, but Maxwell has alleged that there are tapes of two prominent politicians having sex with minors. Maxwell, Epstein’s alleged partner in coordinating these depraved sex acts with underage girls, was recently arrested by federal authorities, denied bail, and being held in the same federal facility as Epstein before his highly suspicious suicide. With three passports and numerous accounts with millions of dollars, she’s a flight risk. She’s reportedly been given paper clothes to prevent self-harm.

Still, the former president being spotted on the island with minors That seems like at least something to look into, right? … And with these new documents, you’d think there would be at least some mention on the mainstream circuits. We’re not expecting much, but it’s been quiet. I mean, like German U-Boats in the Black Pit silence. Nothing. They’re suffocating this story with a pillow and those who do report on it barely give it the light of day. Is it shocking? No. Is it expected from these clowns? Yes. A former president was seen dabbling on some debauched island with an indicted child sex trafficker. That seems…like a problem (via Fourth Watch) [emphasis mine]:

What does this tell us about the Acela Media? Quite a bit. As Glenn Greenwald tweeted Friday night, “I don’t think there’s been a bigger gap between (a) the importance, multi-layered and fascinating aspects of a news story and (b) the mainstream media’s weirdly steadfast avoidance of it than the Jeffrey Epstein saga.”

The media has largely avoided this story, while the media remains intertwined with it. It was less than 10 years ago that Jeffrey Epstein was sitting down for dinner with some famous houseguests, a short 18 months after he was released from jail after pleading guilty to a lesser charge of solicitation of prostitution with a minor. ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos was there. Former NBC and CBS anchor Katie Couric was there. Former E! and Netflix host Chelsea Handler was too. Why were they there? They’ve all said it was the one and only time they met Epstein, and they were unaware of his past.

(Read more from “What the Silence Over Bill’s Alleged Visit to Epstein’s Pedophile Island Tells Us About the Media” HERE)

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