Dems’ DMV-Style Healthcare Is a Threat to Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions

. . .Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both support healthcare for illegal aliens. Harris co-sponsored Bernie Sanders’ $32 trillion socialized medicine plan to turn hospitals into DMVs and put bureaucrats in charge of Americans’ health decisions.

The “public option” is no better. Just like Joe Biden himself, it’s a Trojan Horse to usher in the left’s radical agenda. In this case, a single-payer system that would kill private care – which over 180 million Americans depend on.

Obamacare was a disaster. Premiums doubled and healthcare costs increased by $3,000 per year. What good was Obamacare if its “sky-high deductibles” made it “all but useless”? But Biden’s next health plan is even worse. Just ask his advisor Ezekiel Emmanuel. . .

President Trump is bringing meaningful reform to healthcare that led to the first drop in prescription drug costs in 45 years. His America First Healthcare Plan includes an executive order to protect those with pre-existing conditions, and will continue to give patients more choice and access. (Read more from “Dems’ DMV-Style Healthcare Is a Threat to Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions” HERE)

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