The Satanic Temple Is in Fact Emblematic of the Leftist Worldview

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Satanism, and motherhood converged in the pages of the Huffington Post on Thursday when Jamie Smith, an attorney and mom, wrote that the death of the Supreme Court justice motivated her to join the Satanic Temple.

“I am a 40-something attorney and mother who lives in a quiet neighborhood with a yard and a garage full of scooters and soccer balls,” Smith said. “I often walk with my children to get ice cream and spend weekends hiking through a national park. I am not the type of person who would normally consider becoming a Satanist, but these are not normal times.” . . .

One tenet, in particular, is notable: “The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.” In other words, the law is dispensable in the pursuit of justice — a remarkable statement coming from an attorney. The ends of equity justify the means of tearing down institutions. Sound familiar?

This principle, which the Satanic Temple articulates and Smith affirms, absolves the rioters pillaging America’s cities under the guise of “social justice.” It supports illegal social programs that promote a so-called oppressed group while discriminating against another group. It exonerates election fraud by those who reason that the “fascist” must be removed from the White House by any means necessary. This idea reeks of moral relativism and guarantees lawlessness.

To adopt a tenet such as this is an interesting response to the death of a Supreme Court justice and an interesting way to cope with the fear that one’s legal rights will be infringed. If equity is greater than the law, how does the Constitution fit in? If justice “should prevail over laws and institutions,” there will be nothing left for the Supreme Court, an institution itself, to protect. (Read more from “The Satanic Temple Is in Fact Emblematic of the Leftist Worldview” HERE)

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