WATCH: Biden’s Painful Town Hall Event Shows Why CNN Isn’t Moderating the Presidential Debates

By Townhall. In stark contrast to President Trump’s town hall event with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos earlier this week, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and a crowd of mostly friendly supporters took turns asking the 77-year-old candidate softball questions.

Biden told all sorts of lies during the one-hour event on CNN, a fitting location for such fake news. Biden lied when he accused President Trump of not mentioning the coronavirus in his State of the Union Address. . .

Biden also repeated debunked conspiracy theories about the Post Office and mail collection boxes, though he couldn’t remember the name of “those, those, those, um, places where you mail your ballots.”

It also looks like CNN went to great lengths to find Biden supporters to ask friendly questions of the candidate. Here’s one example:

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Mollie Hemingway Compares Media Treatment of Trump vs. Biden: ‘It Is Beyond Propaganda’

By Fox News. President Trump and Joe Biden have both been hitting the campaign trail this week and it’s noticeable there’s a stark contrast in media treatment between the two, Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway said Thursday night.

“It is beyond propaganda,” Hemingway said during an appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.”

In a town hall on CNN earlier in the evening, Biden was reportedly confronted by friendly supporters who delivered “softball” questions. Meanwhile, Trump’s town hall with ABC News on Tuesday was nothing of the sort and the president instead was criticized in his interactions.

“It used to be said that the media acted as a public relations arm of the Democrat Party,” Hemingway said. “I think it’s much easier to just understand them as essentially running the Biden campaign, particularly with the trouble that Biden is having in terms of typical campaigning.” (Read more from “Mollie Hemingway Compares Media Treatment of Trump vs. Biden: ‘It Is Beyond Propaganda’” HERE)


Democratic Voters Toss Joe Biden Softballs During CNN Town Hall

By New York Post. Joe Biden was tossed softball questions from mostly all Democratic voters at a 75-minute CNN town hall on Thursday night in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, two nights after President Trump was hammered by uncommitted voters in Philadelphia.

The septuagenarian candidate was asked such questions as how he would keep American workplaces safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether he’d benefited from white privilege, and how he would bring the nation together, with little follow up from moderator Anderson Cooper.

With only 12 days until the first presidential debate, Biden attempted to dodge any questions that were remotely difficult and was confronted with only three people who voted for Trump in 2016 — appearing to mock one of them for that vote.

“How ya feeling now, Julie?” a smirking Biden asked Julie Masser Ballay when Cooper said she voted for the president four years ago. . .

Biden also avoided directly answering another Trump supporter’s question on how he would get Americans off federal benefits and back to work amid the pandemic, and entirely dodged one woman who asked him if he supported the Green New Deal being pushed by the left flank of his party. (Read more from “Democratic Voters Toss Joe Biden Softballs During CNN Town Hall” HERE)

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