Med School Professor Calls for President Trump to Be Declared a ‘Public Health Threat’

Dr. Raymond Givens, a cardiologist and professor at the Columbia University Medical Center in New York City, would like to see President Donald Trump officially declared a “public health threat.”

In an op-ed in MedPage Today, Givens claimed that Trump is “one of the most serious threats to public health and human rights in modern American history” and that the medical community has a responsibility to declare him as such.

“We are ethically bound to identify threats to the health of patients and populations, to speak the truth even if it provokes the anger of powerful people. Refusal to do so is malpractice,” Givens argued. “The [American Medical Association] Declaration of Professional Responsibility asserts that physicians have a duty to ‘educate the public and polity about present and future threats to the health of humanity’ and to advocate for ‘political changes that ameliorate suffering and contribute to human well-being.'”

Consequently, he wrote, “the entire American medical establishment has a duty to name Donald Trump, specifically, as a public health threat and strongly recommend that the upcoming election end his presidency.” . . .

Furthermore, Givens blamed Trump for spreading the disease, noting that “amid rising caseloads across much of the country, he has held large rallies packed with barefaced attendees.” (Read more from “Med School Professor Calls for President Trump to Be Declared a ‘Public Health Threat'” HERE)

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