Second-Ever Case of New ‘Alaskapox’ Virus Strain Recorded in U.S.

An Alaska woman was recently diagnosed with the second-ever known case of a novel strain of virus that’s potentially being carried by animals.

A bulletin published on Wednesday by state epidemiology experts detailed symptoms of a woman living in the Fairbanks area who sought medical care in August this year and tested positive for what has been dubbed by virologists as “Alaskapox.”

While there is much that remains unknown about this mysterious new virus and how it spreads, scientists say evidence suggests the public health impact is limited and there have been no signs of human-to-human transmission in the known cases. . .

Documenting the most recent diagnosis, the state bulletin said the woman, who was not named, had a grey lesion on her left upper arm that was followed by redness of the skin. She also reported suffering from shoulder pain, fatigue, and fever at night. (Read more from “Second-Ever Case of New ‘Alaskapox’ Virus Strain Recorded in U.S.” HERE)

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