Senate Republicans Plan to Subpoena Twitter CEO Over Censorship, Election Interference (VIDEO)

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, joined by Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham and Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri, announced their intentions to formally question Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over the social media company’s recent censorship and election interference.

“The Senate Judiciary Committee wants to know what the hell is going on,” Cruz said Thursday morning, after announcing the Senate Judiciary Committee would be issuing a subpoena for Dorsey. . .

According to Cruz, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be voting on the subpoena on Tuesday with the hopes that Dorsey will be able to testify about the censorship next Friday.

The committee invited Dorsey and Twitter “to come before this committee and the American people and explain why Twitter is abusing their corporate power to silence the press and the cover-up allegations of corruption.”

The call for a subpoena comes after Twitter and Facebook engaged in active censorship of the New York Post’s article alleging Hunter Biden’s monetization of foreign companies’ access to his father, Joe Biden, while the latter was vice president.

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