The Left Explodes When Republicans Nominate Women, Blacks, or Latinos

Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s first Capitol Hill meetings were friendly encounters with Republican senators, but running the Supreme Court nomination gauntlet is bound to get tougher: Conservative women and minorities have aroused some of the most furious Democratic opposition.

“We want to pray for her family, as we know these will be interesting, tough weeks,” said Mercedes Schlapp, a senior adviser to President Trump’s reelection campaign, in a Catholics for Trump conference call. “I’ve gotta tell you, I’m really, really, really concerned,” added Trump deputy campaign manager Justin Clark.

Barrett’s gender and religion have already figured in some negative coverage of her nomination. An Associated Press report described the 48-year-old as having “close ties to a charismatic Christian religious group that holds men are divinely ordained as the ‘head’ of the family and faith,” quoting ex-members as saying it promotes the subjugation of women. Resistance Twitter has been more pointed in its characterization of Barrett’s beliefs. . .

It would not be the first time a Republican attempt to maintain the diversity of the Supreme Court while nominating a conservative to a seat held by a liberal has generated a strong reaction from the Left. Justice Clarence Thomas was bitterly opposed by civil rights groups when President George H.W. Bush chose him to succeed Thurgood Marshall. Thomas described his confirmation hearings as a “high-tech lynching.” The Senate Judiciary Committee, then chaired by Joe Biden, deadlocked on Thomas’s nomination, and he was confirmed by a narrow 52-48 vote despite Anita Hill’s allegations of sexual harassment, which he categorically denied.

“This time the president will nominate a right-wing extremist who happens to have a Hispanic surname rather than a black face,” Yale law professor Bruce Ackerman wrote in a liberal magazine when George W. Bush was elected president. “And if the Democrats have the courage to block this gambit, he will follow up with another ‘stealth candidate’ and count on the Senate to confirm her, as it did [Anthony] Kennedy.” (Read more from “The Left Explodes When Republicans Nominate Women, Blacks, or Latinos” HERE)

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