General Thomas McInerney: “This is Treason, the Worst the Nation has Ever Seen”; Discusses Special Force’s Raid on the CIA Servers in Germany, Makes Other Explosive Allegations that, if True, Means We’re Headed for Hot Civil War

In an interview from last night, retired Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, makes a series of explosive allegations including:

●Confirming that the raid on the CIA servers by U.S. Special Forces in Germany really happened

●Says sources within the military told him that multiple U.S. soldiers were killed in that raid

●Talks about the clear vote fraud that stole the election from President Trump

●Contends numerous officers in the intelligence agencies, as well as U.S. politicians, have committed treason

●Says President Trump cannot leave office until the treasonous efforts of the intelligence agencies to steal the 2020 election are thoroughly investigated

●Reveals that the “Cracken” that Sidney Powell has referred to is the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion which is working against the treasonous U.S. intelligence agencies

●Claims that the treason conspiracy extends to politicians including Barack Obama and Joe Biden, many media outlets, senior leadership of the intelligence agencies, and even people within President Trump’s administration.

Listen to the full interview here: