Whistleblowers: Postal Service Labeled Trump Mail ‘Undeliverable,’ 388,000 Ballots Backdated, ‘Disappear’; Congressman Asks Supreme Justice to Stop Pennsylvania Certification

By Washington Examiner. Several whistleblowers on Tuesday cast new uncertainty on the 2020 election process, claiming up to 288,000 ballots disappeared, another 100,000 were improperly backdated, and mail promoting President Trump was junked while mail for Joe Biden was delivered.

In the most extraordinary report, a U.S. Postal Service contractor said his trailer full of 144,000-288,000 completed mail-in ballots, which he drove between New York and Pennsylvania, disappeared after he delivered it to a Lancaster, Pennsylvania, depot.

Another claimed that ballots were backdated by postal workers, and in Traverse City, Michigan, Trump campaign mail was put in bins labeled “Undeliverable Bulk Business Mail” while the same type of mail for Joe Biden was ordered to be delivered on time.

And a third raised new issues about the integrity of Dominion voting machines.

(Read more from “Whistleblowers: Postal Service labeled Trump mail ‘Undeliverable,’ 388,000 ballots backdated, ‘disappear’” HERE)


Congressman Asks Supreme Justice to Stop Pennsylvania Certification

By WND. A congressman is among the plaintiffs who have filed an emergency request with Justice Samuel Alito of the U.S. Supreme Court to suspend further action to certify the Pennsylvania presidential election results.

The request from U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly and other individuals was filed after the state’s courts rejected all attempts to resolve the case.

At issue is a question of whether a state procedure adopted just for the 2020 election to allow expanded mail-in ballots violated a state constitutional requirement that votes be submitted in person, expect for a very few limited absentee ballots.

The case, reports RedState, means that America soon will know whether the Supreme Court will intervene in the numerous complaints of election fraud.

While establishment media have called the race for Joe President Trump has not conceded, and his campaign attorneys and others have filed complaints in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada. (Read more from “Congressman Asks Supreme Justice to Stop Pennsylvania Certification” HERE)

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