Unprecedented Warning from Joint Chiefs of Staff to Trump: Biden Won, Don’t Invoke Insurrection Act

In an extraordinary letter made public late Tuesday, eight four-star generals announced that the United States armed forces stood against the “sedition and insurrection” demonstrated by the “actions inside the Capitol building” last week.

They called the protest “a direct assault on the U.S. Congress, the Capitol building, and our Constitutional Process.”

The generals also felt it appropriate to warn that, “Any act to disrupt the Constitutional process is not only against our traditions, values, and oath: it is against the law” and that “the U.S. military will obey lawful orders from civilian leadership. . .”

Finally, they announced that, “President-elect Biden will be inaugurated and will become our 46th Commander in Chief.”

This poorly written letter (see it below) has many scratching their heads: why, in the first time in the Republic’s history, did the Joint Chiefs of Staff find it necessary to weigh in on disputed election? Why the military’s unprecedented warning about “any act to disrupt the Constitutional process”? And why offer the conclusion that Biden “will be inaugurated” on January 20?

Some believe the generals did this for one reason: to prevent President Trump from invoking the Insurrection Act. Given the broad Presidential authority under that 1807 Act, there’s little doubt that many in the Deep State have been worried that Trump would use it to get to the bottom of the 2020 election fraud. But without military leadership to implement any such orders under the Act, the President’s powers are emasculated.

So who pushed the Joint Chiefs take such an unprecedented step? Is it really possible that General Milley came up with this all on his own and compelled the other joint chiefs to join with him? Highly unlikely. These signing generals all survived the Obama purges and have been confirmed to their positions by the corrupt U.S. Senate, the vast majority of whom are owned by the Deep State. None of them seem to care that the election was stolen.

May God save the Republic.

(Here’s the generals’ letter:)

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