Mike Lindell’s Video “Absolute Proof” Released, Proves Biden Fraud, Shows How Murkowski has Stolen Alaskan Elections Repeatedly

For the past 10 years, Restoring Liberty has been relentlessly reminding readers of the dangers of electronic voting, something that Alaska uses statewide, like most other states. Although voters fill out a paper ballot in the voting booth, that ballot is then scanned and converted to an electronic vote. As Joe Miller discovered in 2010, if you request a recount, that recount is also conducted by scanning ballots and converting them again to electronic votes.

Mike Lindell has been hot on the issues of election fraud since the huge vote integrity issues that began to arise after polling places closed nationwide on November 3, 2020. He compiled this excellent, informational video explaining the manipulation of the presidential vote that resulted in Biden’s illegitimate presidency:

Starting at 48:50, Mike Lindell also interviews Dr. Shiva, a candidate for U.S. Senate himself in 2020, who explains how the vote was cheated in his state. Vote counts in manipulated precincts had very little variance in the percentage vote for him versus the percentage vote for his opponent (40/60) while hand count precincts had wildly different results (55/45). This is a mirror image of how the Establishment rigged the races for Alaska’s illegitimate Senator Lisa Murkowski, where both in 2010 and 2016, the vote remained constant, within 1 percentage point throughout the entire night of returns despite the very politically-disparate regions throughout Alaska (native regions vs. interior vs. Anchorage vs. Southeast).

Why is this important? Without vote integrity, we have tyranny and ultimately the dissolution of the Republic.