7-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand Raises Over $250,000 for Her Brain Surgeries

A seven-year-old girl from Alabama selling lemonade has raised more than $250,000 through her stand to pay for her much-needed brain surgeries.

Liza Scott’s family learned this month that she has three rare brain malformations, which have caused her to have multiple Grand Mal seizures. . .

As of Monday morning, Liza’s page on Mightycause has raised more than $252,000. Her family has also received $10,000 in cash donations. . .

Liza’s lemonade stand has established itself at Savage’s Bakery, which her grandfather and mother co-own.

Liza and her family will fly to Boston Children’s Hospital on Thursday for the first of her three surgeries. Liza’s mother says her daughter plans to continue selling lemonade after she recovers. (Read more from “7-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand Raises Over $250,000 for Her Brain Surgeries” HERE)

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