China Launches Celebrity War on Brands Rejecting Slave-Picked Cotton

A Chinese state propaganda war against Western companies launched this week continued Friday with the announcement of dozens of Chinese regime-approved celebrities canceling sponsorship deals with brands that oppose the use of Uyghur slaves to pick cotton.

The campaign began this week when members of the Communist Party uncovered corporate statements made by apparel companies H&M and Nike in the past year distancing themselves from the Chinese slave cotton industry. Extensive reporting over the past two years has revealed that, as an offshoot of its Uyghur concentration camp system, the Chinese regime has enslaved at least thousands members of the ethnic Uyghur minority and forced them to pick cotton. A critical report published in March 2020 by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) documented proof of Beijing offering government incentives to factories nationwide in exchange for purchasing Uyghur labor, then shipping Uyghur slaves to factories outside of their native Xinjiang province. The study listed 83 multinational companies, among them some of those targeted by Beijing today, as benefitting from Uyghur slavery.

In December, a study by researcher Adrian Zenz revealed the extensive use of mobile phone apps by the Communist Party to streamline the enslavement of Uyghur people and forced labor generally in the Xinjiang cotton industry.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) banned all cotton products from Xinjiang from entering America in January.

H&M, Nike, and Adidas were among the companies that published statements last year, in response to a campaign by human rights activists, distancing themselves from the use of Xinjiang cotton. (Read more from “China Launches Celebrity War on Brands Rejecting Slave-Picked Cotton” HERE)

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