Chinese Police Raid Home Church, Arrest Numerous Christians

On March 16, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) personnel from the local religious affairs bureau and public security department arrested more than 10 Christians from Renai Reformed Church for attending a bible study. Of those arrested, two female Christians had traveled from another city to visit the church. CCP officials released one of these females after interrogation at approximately 5 pm, but did not free several other Christians until later that evening. Police also confiscated one arrested Sister’s money.

Guiyang Renai Reformed Church, a small house church with less than 100 members, has steadfastly refused to join the government-sanctioned Three-Self church. Throughout the years, as Renai Reformed Church has accommodated Christians from all over the country, members also significantly supported China’s Christian ministries.

Elder Zhang Chunlei and several other Christians traveled to the police station to negotiate with officers. While Elder Zhan expressed his determination to remain inside the police station until officials released the last detained Christian, other Christians waited outside.

In 2018, Elder Zhang, a primary leader in Renai Reformed Church, signed to show support for the campaign pastor Wang Yi initiated: “A joint statement by pastors: a declaration for the sake of the Christian faith.” Soon afterwards, on December 9, 2018, the CCP executed a massive arrest against Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church members. (Read more from “Chinese Police Raid Home Church, Arrest Numerous Christians” HERE)

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