Eating This Seed Could Reduce the Risk of Parkinson’s

Consuming a chemical found in sesame seeds can reduce the risk of Parkinson’s by preventing neuronal damage that decreases dopamine production, study shows.

Scientists from Osaka City University tested the chemical sesaminol on Parkinson’s cells, as well as feeding it to mice over 36 days to find out what impact it had on dopamine levels and neurons in the brain.

Parkinson’s is a neurological disorder that impairs movement, causes stiffness and can result in a loss of balance, tremors in the hands and slurred speech.

Study authors discovered that sesaminol protected against neuronal damage that caused Parkinson’s disease and believe it could be a cure for the condition.

They found that mice with Parkinson’s that consumed the chemical saw an improvement in dopamine levels, balance and motor function. (Read more from “Eating This Seed Could Reduce the Risk of Parkinson’s” HERE)

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