“Extremism is Our Biggest Threat”: Biden May Ban Trump Supporters From Domestic Flights, Planning to Track All Travel of Conservative “Extremists”

In an explosive report from Politico, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has signaled its intent to dramatically expand its “No Fly List” to include advocates of “the kind of ideologically motivated terrorism that inspired the Capitol insurrection.”

In other words, conservative Trump supporters.

Frighteningly, DHS’s internal “discussions are part of the Biden administration’s strategy of treating domestic terror as a national security threat, and not just a law enforcement problem.” Biden’s administration is calling it “the most lethal, persistent terrorism-related threat to our homeland today.”

And the feds apparently intend to use U.S. military assets to go after these horrible domestic threats. Politico reports Biden’s desire to “use tools developed for the Global War on Terror to combat domestic extremism.”

Obviously, President Trump’s real supporters are not terrorists and don’t support terrorism. But apparently, anyone who showed up in D.C. on January 6th to protest the fraud-laced vote count is now considered by the DHS to be a domestic terrorist. And the agency’s witch hunt isn’t stopping there. Many armchair protesters on Facebook and Twitter are experiencing the same treatment from the feds, apparently because they share the same ideological motivation of the DC protestors.

Regrettably, these unleashed federal agencies won’t be satisfied with just getting you on their “No Fly List”; they supposedly also want authorization to track all your movements. Again, according to Politico, the “Department of Homeland Security is considering monitoring the travel of domestic extremists.” This would include “analyzing the travel patterns” of such “extremists.”

Finally, if you want to travel internationally, don’t dare bring your computer or any important cell phone: “[w]hen suspected extremists travel internationally, officials may be more likely to question them before they pass through customs and … search their phones and laptops.”

Sadly, the Oligarchs seem to have taken full control of the Republic. If you intend to oppose their tyranny and support the Constitution, caution is in order.